Tconnect Community Survey
TCAT will pilot a new type of bus service called Tconnect, which, aims to help residents more easily access TCAT’s existing bus service, alleviate traffic stress in the downtown area, and assist those without reliable transportation. Dryden residents will be able to schedule a ride through Tconnect on a Gadabout mini-bus from a location near them to an existing TCAT bus stop, using an app that allows for on-demand scheduling and includes real time tracking of both the Gadabout pickup vehicle and the TCAT bus. This real time tracking provides minimal customer wait time while getting residents to the bus stop on time to board the next arriving TCAT bus. Trips can also be scheduled by calling the service phone number.

This survey asks questions about your current commute, experience using mobility apps and your perception of the Tconnect service. The information from the survey will be used by the Project Team to better assess the transportation needs of the community and evaluate how TCAT and the new Tconnect service can best meet those needs. The survey and all questions are optional. All information will be kept anonymous unless you provide your contact information at the end of the survey indicating you’d like to receive more information or participate in the Tconnect service. This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. All data from the survey will be stripped of any personal information (made anonymous) and aggregated (grouped with all other responses) before being sent to NYSERDA for reporting purposes or shared with a Cornell student researcher.
Where in Dryden do you currently live? Please list your home address or the closest intersection:
Name of work/school where you travel most frequently:
Time you need to be at work/school:
Time you leave work/school:
Commute mode(s) You/Other Adults in household use most often:
Approximately how much do you spend total on your current commute per month? (Gas, Parking, bus pass, carpool, etc.)
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Which of the statements below best describes you: (Choose as many that apply)
Have you ever used a mobility app(s)(Such as Uber, Lyft, myStop, Transit app)?
If 'Yes' to the above question, can you tell us more about your experience using the apps (e.g. Which app(s) do you use? How often do you use them? What do you like or dislike about the app(s)?)
If 'No' to the above question, can you tell us more about why you do not use a mobility app?
How much would you be willing to pay to get to Ithaca and back (round trip) using this service (assuming a combined Tconnect, TCAT trip)?
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Draft Tconnect Service Area
From the image above, are there any areas in the Draft Tconnect Service Area that should be included? Please indicate where you would like to see the service area expanded.
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