2018 Progressive Mass Candidate Questionnaire
We view our questionnaire as an educational resource, for both candidates and voters, on progressive approaches to the issues. It provides candidates the opportunity to address a number of important issues beyond the surface talking points, which progressive voters find extremely valuable when making a decision.

We recommend you print a hard copy of the questionnaire, and compose your answers in a separate document, before submitting answers via the web.

IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE submitting your answers via the form, please fill in as much as you can though the form, and email a document with your other answers as well, with Question Sections and Numbers indicated.

Please take care to retain a copy of your answers, in a separate file, for your reference and in case of technical glitches.
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Discuss the kind of campaign you are running and provide insights into how you expect to win.
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Practicing Our Principles
Practicing what we preach is an important first step. As such, progressive campaigns should be embodying progressive values.
As progressives, we value diversity. Including diverse voices is essential to policymaking at all levels. How has your campaign made this priority (e.g., in terms of composition of your campaign team)?
As progressives, we believe that all workers deserve a living wage and good working conditions. Are you paying staff at least $15 per hour?
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