International Cargo Bike Festival 2019 - Exhibitor Registration Form
***Important! This form for is for Exhibitor registrations only***
***Members of the public who want to attend ICBF2019 do not need to register***

The International Cargo Bike Festival will take place in Groningen on 14th-16th June 2019

The Exhibition takes place Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June.

On Friday 14th exhibitors will be able to set up their stands, and the ICBF Conference will also take place. To attend, you'll need to register separately - details on how to do this will follow soon.

Secure your place for the exhibition now by filling in the registration form below.

For further information, please visit or contact us on

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Booth details
Early bird discounts are available this year! Complete your application before the following deadlines to take advantage:
Early bird discount I -10 % off booth up to and including 30-11-2018
Early bird discount II - 5 % off booth up to and including 31-01-2019

Prices exclude VAT and do not include any extras such as dividing walls, booth construction, power, carpet etc.

Prices include two lunch vouchers + two drink tickets on Saturday and Sunday.

Booth: Floor Area *
How much space will you need at ICBF 2019? Booth space is available both indoors and outdoors. If your requirements are not covered below, please select "Other" and we will be in touch to discuss the options with you.
Booth: Electricity Supply *
Do you need an electricity supply to your booth? Cost: €30
Booth: Chair Rental
Please indicate the number of chairs you would like to rent. Cost: €4 per chair.
Booth: Table Rental
Please indicate the number of tables you would like to rent. Cost: €4 per table.
Booth: Tents / Gazebos / Outdoor Shelters
Please indicate your preference re: shelters.
Bringing your own tent, gazebo or outdoor shelter
If you indicated that you will bring your own tent, gazebo or outdoor shelter, we need to know more about it, in order to ensure your booth is suitably placed.Please indicate the dimensions (height, width and length) of the tent, gazebo or outdoor shelter you plan to bring:
Please upload an image of the tent, gazebo or outdoor shelter you plan to bring
Exhibitor passes and co-Exhibitors
This year, we are making it possible to share your exhibiting costs with other co-exhibitors. Bringing another organisation along with you? There are NO extra co-exhibitor fees! However, every co-exhibitor must be registered. How you share booth space and costs is up to you and your co-exhibitors. Please note that in order to confirm your registration at ICBF 2019, we require payment in full from one party.
Please indicate the name(s) of any organisations you will co-exhibit with here
How many exhibitor passes do you require in total?
Media and publicity packages
Basic ICBF Media Package
We work hard to promote ICBF and to make it a success. To support these activities, an obligatory 'Basic' ICBF Media Package payment of €149 is due from every exhibitor at ICBF 2019. This contributes to the overall promotion of the festival in the form of:
- Posters
- PR
- Your logo in the index of exhibitors
- Media partnerships, for example in print and on radio
- Online advertising
- Social Media activities, etc.
ICBF Media Package Plus: €500
- 1/8 page advertisement in the high circulation trade fair catalogue
- Includes 'Basic' Media Package payment of €149
Choose your ICBF 2019 Media Package *
Point of Sale Package
- 3 x banners (2m × 1m) at the Test Track (own production)
- 3 x Beach flags at the Test Track (own production)
- Display of giveaways / flyers at the main ICBF Info-Point and at the entrance
ICBF Sponsorship
This year at ICBF we are offering several standard sponsorship opportunities. Please tick those you would like to take up below. For custom sponsorship opportunities (we're open to hearing your ideas!), select "Other", and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.
Based on the requirements you've told us about in this form, we will send an invoice to you (or if anything is unclear, get in touch with you first). Once payment has been made in full, we will write to you confirming your place at ICBF 2019.
Do you have any other needs or requirements? Perhaps something we've missed in this form? Let us know below and we'll do our best to address it.
Do you have comments or feedback about this form, or the ICBF in general? Let us know below.
I understand that my registration is finalised only upon payment of the invoice. *
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