Summer Camp @ The C Club
For Students 4.5 - 12 years old
Half Day 9.00am-11.30am
Full Day 9.00am-3.00pm

Come for an exciting Summer ride with us! We have planned a whole array of fun and interactive activities for students this holiday.
Parents may opt to enroll for Half Day morning sessions or Full Day sessions.
Children of any level of Putonghua/Chinese are welcome! We will conduct a brief assessment of their proficiency on the first day and assign them to the appropriate classes.
We teach in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Mornings: Focused Chinese learning based on weekly theme. Children will learn/master basics of oral, listening, reading and writing. Advanced learners will practise reading comprehension, grammar and creative writing skills.

Afternoons: a more relaxed time for STEM learning (robotics, 3D doodling etc), Wellness Cooking, Chinese Culture (calligraphy, knot making, modelling etc), Chinese Cooking, Art and Fun, PTH Drama and Outings.
Outing details will depend on government COVID restriction policies at the time with details and confirmation to be sent out closer to date.

Full Day Students are required to bring their own lunches or have lunches dropped off before 11.30am each day.

Tuition Fee (Half Day Morning):
$3,200/1 week $12,800/5 week
$6,080/2 weeks $15,000/6 weeks
$8,640/3 weeks $17,150/7 weeks
$10,800/4 weeks $19,200/8 weeks

Tuition Fee (Full Day):
$6,000/1 week $24,000/5 weeks
$11,400/2 weeks $28,500/6 weeks
$16,200/3 weeks $32,900/7 weeks
$20,400/4 weeks $37,200/8 weeks

Enrolment is subject to 10% discount if you enroll AND PAY before May 8, 2021.
Enrolment is subject to 5% discount if you enroll AND PAY before May 29, 2021.

* Week 2 is only counted as a four day week due to the public holiday on Jul 1, 2021.
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