Ysaa · Your social artificial assistant
In spring 2018 we can finally start the beta phase of Ysaa and you can join the open beta! Just answer a few questions and we'll send you an email with all instructions when Ysaa is ready for beta testing.
Do you feel like spending too much time on social media? *
The average internet user spends more than two hours each day just on social media and messaging services. Nevertheless opposed to this studies have shown that people who spend less time on social media are happier.
Therefore we developed Ysaa to help you to cut down the time spent online and still be active on social media because we see that followers and friends are nice but think your real life is more important.
Ysaa is your personal social artificial assistent. She takes care of your social media when you are not around and uses the magic of artificial intelligence to learn about you and behave exactly like you.
You can find more information on facebook.com/YsaaAI and on instagram.com/ysaa.ai
What are Ysaa's features?
Which features are most important for you? *
Before starting the beta phase we want to make sure to focus on the features you really want. Please choose up to three features you like the most.
Any features you're missing?
Please add anything else you wish Ysaa could do for you.
Do you have any concerns?
Tell us about your concerns that could keep you back from using Ysaa if there are any. We want you to enjoy using Ysaa without any qualms.
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