Survey on Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers
This survey was created to give insight on Science Fiction and Fantasy readers, or SF&F. My goal is to help narrow down the audience for SF&F genre while gather data on what they wish to see within the SF&F books they read.
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What is your age bracket? *
What genres do you like reading? *
What characteristics of your preferred lead character? *
Which statement do you most agree with? *
What themes do you MOST enjoy reading? *
What themes do you LEAST enjoy reading? *
What type of settings do you prefer? *
What sub-genres of Science Fiction & Fantasy do you prefer reading? *
What do you consider to be the most important thematic element in a Science Fiction and Fantasy story? *
What attracts you most to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres? *
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The following questions revolve around themes I wish to write about. Answering these questions would give me insight on themes I should include or should avoid.
What forms of factions should a book have?
For multiple world fans how many worlds should be included within a series?
For multiverse fans how man universes should be included within a series?
What type of ending do you enjoy most for a book?
What type of ending do you enjoy most for a series?
What should be some uses for magic?
What should be a HARD LIMIT for how destructive magic should be?
How many forms of magic should there be?
What should be a HARD LIMIT to physical strength?
What forms of technology should be included in a book?
How do you feel an evil empire should be established?
How should the evil empire be written?
What should be included in an evil empire?
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What factions so oppose the evil empire?
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