SFRA Future Conferences Questionnaire
The SFRA Executive Committee will be pursuing proposals for conferences going forward and would like a greater sense of the way our members think about the conference's location when deciding to attend.
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Section One: On the Next Five Years --
On a scale of 1 to 5, where geography is your main consideration, how often in the next 5 years do you see yourself attending an SFRA conference in the following locations? Please rank each option on a scale of 1-5.
1 (Never)
5 (Always)
Continental US
Southeast Asia / Asia
South America
Australia / New Zealand
-- Section Two: A Little More About You --
Would you characterize yourself as
I did / did not attend the 2018 conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Where do you now live ?
Please check the geographic regions for which cost would be a strong factor in your decision whether to attend future SFRA conferences (check all that apply):
What factors related to geographic location (e.g. currency exchange, travel cost, tourism opportunities) come into your thinking about attending an SFRA conference?
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-- Section Three: SFRA 2019 Honolulu, Hawai'i --
(You're nearly done! Just two more questions.)
How likely are you to attend the 2019 conference planned for Honolulu, Hawai'i?
Aside from the cost of the airfare, please let us know some factors under the control of the SFRA that would make you more or less likely to attend an SFRA '19 held in Hawai'i.
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