Laguna Niguel Girls Softball - Spring 2018 Clinic Coach Interest Form
Hi Coaches!

It's already time to start planning for Spring ball!

Mike Kashima ( will be taking over the 2018 Clinic Coach scheduling for LNGS. We would like to collect some information from all coaches interested in coaching clinics during the Spring 2018 season so we can schedule our clinics starting in mid-January 2018.

All clinics will take place on the LNGS Fields ( A schedule will be posted on our web page ( once we start finalizing clinics.

This year we will be requesting that all clinic coaches email invoices to our treasurer (, who will mail out payment.

All clinic coaches will be required to fill out a USA softball background form for LNGS.

There is a spot to write comments at the bottom of this form.

Thanks for your interest!

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Information About You
Please enter info below regarding your background and interests. All adults on the field are required to fill out the USA Softball standard background check information for LNGS.
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Scheduling and Fees
All information below is preliminary and will be finalized before the spring season or during scheduling.

In general, we will try to schedule clinics weekly or bi-weekly based on needs - to be determined. We will also have special clinics for beginners at the beginning of the season.

For LNGS-sponsored clinics, the current LNGS Board-approved clinic fees are $100 per hour. This is by clinic, not by coach, so if there are extra coaches or helpers we are still only approved to pay at the rate of $100 per hour for the clinic.

We will also trade 2 hours of clinic coaching time if you would like a banner on our field that will stay up for all of 2018 (

We may offer player-subsidized clinics as well depending on our final budget and needs. In that case, if player payments are less than $100 LNGS will make up the difference to a maximum of $100/hour.

If the fields are closed for any reason (City closure, lights out, rain, etc) we will work together to reschedule the clinic for another time.

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Ideas for pre-season coach and/or player clinics (first two weeks of January)
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