Before anyone can attend a field trip with Denver Tour Club their parent/guardian must complete this form and submit a copy of their most recent immunization record.

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Daily Preparation
Before arriving, Participants are urged to eat a balanced breakfast. Following are items required each day. Additional items such a swimsuit and towel may be required – parents will be notified of such additional requirements.

・Water bottle
・Weather appropriate attire – layers are encouraged
・Comfortable footwear – we will be doing a considerable amount of walking everyday

The drop off location is at the Washington Park United Church of Christ located at 400 S Williams Street, Denver, CO.

Per our rental agreement with the church, thank you for only using the parking lot and entrance indicated on the map below.

Participants may be signed in as early as 8:30 AM. We typically depart right around 9:30 AM. If it looks like you’ll be arriving any later please give us a call.

The pick up location is the same as the drop off location; 400 S Williams Street. We will return to this location by 4:30 PM. Participants must be picked up no later than 5:30 PM. If picked up any later than 5:30 PM an additional $15 fee will be charged.

Participants will only be released to persons listed as Emergency and Release Contacts. Anyone not listed as such may pick up Participants only when prior written consent has been provided by the parent or legal guardian and when a state issued ID is shown by that person. Please notify person picking up of this policy.

We utilize rented vehicles driven by chaperones as our primary mode of transportation. Before becoming drivers, chaperones go through a rigorous driver safety training program.

In the unlikely event of an extenuating circumstance we may also travel by way of Lyft or public transportation.

Inclement Weather
In the event that foul weather disrupts our itinerary any outdoor destinations will be replaced with indoor attractions.
Refunds are only issued in instances of documented emergencies.

A trip credit may be issued for any reason if notified at least 48 hours in advance - by 8:30am two days before the field trip or sooner.

Safety is a primary objective of the Denver Tour Club. All Tour Guides are certified in First Aid and CPR. In the event that a Participant sustains a minor injury (i.e. scraped knee) first aid will be administered. The person picking up the injured Participant will receive an incident report including course of action taken. If the injury produces swelling or needs medical attention a guardian will be contacted immediately. In the event of a medical emergency you will be contacted immediately and the Participant will be taken to the hospital immediately by ambulance.
In order to protect the well-being of your Participant and other Participants, sick Participants are not permitted to attend tours. Tour guides hold the right to refuse a Participant who appears ill.

You will be asked to pick up your Participant if they exhibit any of the following symptoms or have any of the following conditions/diseases. Every effort to keep the Participant comfortable will be made but they will be excluded from activities for the protection of other Participants.

・Any symptom which inhibits their participation in activities
・Fever (above 100°F under the arm, above 101°F in the mouth, about 102°F in the ear)
・Mouth sores caused by drooling
・Rash with fever, unless a physician has determined, and stated in writing, that it is not a communicable disease
・Pink or red conjunctiva with white or yellow eye discharge, until on antibiotics for 24 hours
・Impetigo, until 24 hours of treatment
・Strep throat, until 24 hours after treatment
・Head lice, until 24 hours after treatment
・Scabies, until 24 hours after treatment
・Chickenpox, until all lesions have dried and crusted
・Whooping cough, until 5 days of antibiotics
・Hepatitis A virus, until 1 week after immune globulin has been administered


・The Participant's physician signs a note stating that the Participant's condition is not contagious


・The involved areas can be covered by a bandage without seepage or drainage through the bandage

Participants who have been ill may attend a tour when:

・They have been free of fever, vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours
・They have been treated with an antibiotic for 24 hours
・They are able to participate comfortably in all activities
・They are free of open, oozing skin conditions and drooling
・If a Participant had a reportable communicable disease, a physician’s note stating that the Participant is no longer contagious is required.

All medications must be handed to a Tour Guide with specific, written instructions. Medications may never be left in possession of a Participant. Every medication administration will be recorded by a Tour Guide.

・Prescription medications require a written note with the Participant's name, dosage, frequency, and time that medication is to be administered and the name and phone number of the primary physician. All medications must be in the original container.
・Non-prescription medications require a note signed by a legal guardian. Non-prescription medication should not be administered for more than a 3 day period unless a written order by the physician is received.

Participant Information
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Medical Conditions/Allergies of Participant 1
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Full Name of Participant 2
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Date of Birth of Participant 2
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Full Name of Participant 3
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Date of Birth of Participant 3
Medical Conditions/Allergies of Participant 3
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Full Name of Participant 4
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Date of Birth of Participant 4
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Medical Insurance Information
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Primary Physician Phone *
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Guardian Information
Field trip reminder emails will be sent to any addresses listed in this section.
Full Name(s) of Primary Guardian(s) *
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Email(s) of Primary Guardian(s) *
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Cell Phone Number of Primary Guardian(s) *
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Work Phone Number of Primary Guardian(s)
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Emergency Release Contacts
Anyone not listed below may pick up a member only when prior written consent is given by the primary guardian and when that person shows a state issued photo ID.

Again, if entering information for multiple people please separate by commas and list in corresponding order.

Full Name(s) of Emergency Release Contact(s) *
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Primary Phone Number(s) of Emergency Release Contact(s) *
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Email(s) of Emergency Release Contact(s) *
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Electronic Signatures
Enter your full legal name in the space provided below each section as your legally binding signature.
Parental Consent: The undersigned does hereby give permission for all above listed participants (“Participant(s)”) to attend and participate in any Denver Tour Club activity. Participants may be included in photographs shared through platforms including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and email. Liability Release In consideration of Denver Tour Club allowing the Participant to accompany the Club on tours and participate in activities, I, the undersigned, do hereby release, forever discharge and agree to hold harmless the Denver Tour Club, its employees and owners, from any and all liability, claims or demands for accidental personal injury, sickness or death as well as property damage and expenses, of any nature whatsoever which may be incurred by the undersigned and the Participant while involved in the Denver Tour Club. I, the parent or legal guardian of this Participant hereby grant my permission for the Participant to participate fully in all Denver Tour Club activities including all trips. Furthermore, I, on behalf of my minor Participant, hereby assume all risk of accidental personal injury, sickness, death, damage and expense as a result of participation in recreation and activities involved therein. The undersigned further hereby agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Denver Tour Club for any liability sustained by Denver Tour Club as the result of negligent, willful or intentional acts of said Participant(s), including expenses incurred attendant thereto. Entering your full legal name here is an acknowledgement that you have read this Parental Consent section in it's entirety and are in total agreement with its contents. *
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Medical Authorization: I, the undersigned, and guardians of the above listed participant(s), hereby authorize the Staff of the Denver Tour Club to authorize any and all medical treatment for the participant(s) in the discretion they see fit. This includes, but is not limited to, treatment to relieve pain. A photocopy of this authorization shall be deemed effective as if it were an original. Entering your full legal name here is an acknowledgement that you have read this Medical Authorization section in it's entirety and are in total agreement with its contents. *
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