Talking to robots: a workshop
This is a call for all Knowledge Makers and robot-lovers!!
We will run a ROS-workshop with the goal of introducing those who are interested in developing robot-integrated applications.
The Robot Operating System (ROS)( is a flexible framework for writing robot software. It consists in a collection of tools, libraries, and conventions aiming at simplifying the task of creating complex and robust robot behaviour across a wide variety of robotic platforms.
During the workshop, we will give an introduction of ROS concepts and then we will let you play with our robots, both simulated and real ones!
No particular experience needed other than basic programming skills.
If you have something that looks like a robot to you, please bring it along!

When? July 5th from 9:30AM to 13:30AM (with possibility of staying in the afternoon for more robot testing!!)

Presenter and ROS-whisperer : Gianluca Bardaro

Hope to see you there!!!

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