AP Physics Contract
Length of course:  1 semester

 Prerequisites:
o Minimum 90 average in Advanced Biology
o Minimum 85 average in Advanced Chemistry
o Minimum 85 average in Accelerated Geometry and Accelerated Pre-calculus
o teacher recommendations
o signed AP contract
o exceptional work ethic
o Students may register for the course prior to completing Pre-calculus, but the course
requirements must be satisfied by the start of the AP Physics course.

 Course Description:
AP Physics 1 is the equivalent of a college-level introductory physics course. The content of the course emphasizes mechanics but also introduces simple circuits and electrostatics. AP Physics 1 is a very math intensive course and students are required to demonstrate strong math skills prior entering the course. Throughout the course students will be asked to complete complex inquiry activities to develop a multifaceted, conceptual understanding of the content material. Student will also be asked to relate laboratory observations to mathematical predictions and evaluate findings. Tests often reflect the Advanced Placement format – multiple-choice tests and timed in-class open-ended response questions. The instructor’s expectations are high and include a serious work ethic and regular attendance.

 Additional Information:
o Instructor Chris Wheeler: cbwheeler@walton.k12.ga.us
o AP Coordinator Casey Bond
o Winter math review will be provided to complete over winter break

Teacher recommendations
To be considered for the AP Physics course, recommendations are necessary from one science teacher and one math teacher. It is your responsibility to identify the teachers and discuss the recommendation process with them. Please have each teacher fill-out the information that follows on the back, sign this form, and email a brief recommendation on your behalf directly to Mr. Wheeler.

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