Parental & Community Engagement Score Card
Thank you for your participation in this 4-minute quiz. Conscientious Leaders like you make a huge difference. The purpose of this brief score card is to evaluate where you are now in regards to parent and community engagement. This will help us understand the areas ParenTeen Moments can support you with. ParenTeen Moments is all about bridging the gaps an making schools shine and students thrive. Answer the questions below.
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The amount of parents that come to your events, including parent meetings is...
3 points
Does your school currently have four (or more) ways to notify parents of upcoming events? *
3 points
Do you currently have a method to disseminate information to the parents who cannot attend live sessions/meetings? *
3 points
Do you have a way to enroll your parents into committing to support your school and/or attend school functions? *
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Do you have an active PTA, PTSA, PTO, or other parent support group at your school? *
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Do your teachers play an active role in promoting parent activities at your school? *
3 points
How many parents are currently attending your school’s parent meetings consistently? *
4 points
Is each parent meeting accompanied by tangible products, visuals or handouts that may be accessed even if meeting is missed? *
3 points
Do you presently have designated personnel with allotted time to follow-up with parents, after the meeting, to address issues or concerns that may arise after certain topics are discussed? *
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Do you believe your school could benefit from additional community partners? *
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