Questionnaire - St. Clements Hill Primary Academy
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1. About you: Which of the following best describes you: *
2. Where do you live, approximately, in relation to the proposed site for St. Clements Hill Primary Academy? *
3. Do you agree that opening the proposed St.Clements Hill Primary Academy will provide extra choice for parents and meet the need to provide additional school places in North Norwich? (please select one) *
Please provide comments & feedback
4. Do you agree that the vision and curriculum plan of St.Clements Primary Academy meets the needs of the community? (please select one) (Please see St.Clements Primary Academy website for Vision and Curriculum Plan) *
Please provide comments & feedback
5. Should the Rightforsuccess Trust enter into a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State of Education in order to open this school? (please select one) *
6. We want the school to be an important part of the local community. Are there any services you would like the school to offer the local community (please select –more than one is possible)?
Supplementary Information (not compulsory)If you would like us to stay in touch with you, provide details about the outcome of the consultation and the latest developments with our school, please provide contacts details below:
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If you are interested in applying for a place at the school, please complete the Register Interest form on the website: Thank you for completing the consultation
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