Shen.AI Vitals Validation Study
This questionnaire concerns the application for a clinical investigation entitled Non-contact measurement of heart rate, heart rate variability and respiratory rate based on facial video analysis (remote photoplethysmography) - validation of the SHEN.AI Vitals software, hereinafter referred to as "the study".

About the study

The aim of the study is to determine the accuracy of heart rate, respiratory rate and heart rate variability measurements conducted without contact using the innovative SHEN.AI Vitals software.

Shen.AI Vitals is software that enables non-contact measurement of selected physiological parameters of a human at rest using a 1-minute face video recording using a camera on a phone, tablet or laptop, or an external digital camera connected to a computer.

The operation of the device is based on an algorithmic analysis of changes in the intensity of video signals recorded by the camera caused by changes in the intensity of light reflected from the facial skin vessels pulsating as a result of blood flow. This method is called remote photoplethysmographic measurement.

If you have any questions, please write to us:
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Date of birth


Body height in centimeters

BMI is significant in the context of how technology works, and we want to make it possible for everyone to get tested! So we need both height and weight to calculate BMI.

Body weight in kilograms

BMI is significant in how technology works, and we want to make it possible for everyone to get tested! So we need both height and weight to calculate BMI.

We need it to keep in touch with you pending the study.

Phone number


We need it to set up an examination date with you.

Are you from Wrocław? If not enter city :)
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Determine the skin phototype.


Skin color matters a lot in the context of how technology works, and we want to make it possible for everyone to get tested! Groups must be EQUAL, so we want to know your phenotype :)

REMEMBER: the color of your hair is not so important - the color of the skin itself is more important.

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The answers to the following questions will provide us with information about your health. If you do not want us to process your medical data in order to qualify you for our study, do not complete the questionnaire.

Do you have facial hair covering your cheeks that you will not want to remove before the examination?

Have you been diagnosed with any of the following disorders or suffer from the following diseases?


  1. diagnosed arrhythmia (except bradycardia or sinus tachycardia)
  2. moderate or severe anemia
  3. Diagnosed with: heart failure, left ventricular systolic dysfunction, aortic stenosis, or other diseases or disorders within the heart or respiratory system leading to low stroke volume, low-pressure amplitude, or so-called irregular pulse.

Does your face have any of the following characteristics:


  1. extensive facial skin damage (including abrasions, wounds, and burns)
  2. disease process involving a large part of the face
  3. extensive dressing on the face
  4. comprehensive facial skin tattoo or face painting
  5. pronounced deformation of the shape of the face (e.g., a cancerous tumor)

Do you have problems with any of the following points:


  1. The ability to keep the head in a stable position during the measurement
  2. A persistent cough that makes it impossible to stay still during the measurement
  3. Respiratory function disorders in the form of shortness of breath or irregular or shallow breathing

Which day of the week and time suits you best? (optional)

If every day and time is acceptable for you - leave it blank

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Processing of personal data in the study:

Who is the data controller:

MX LABS OÜ Branch in Estonia, Lõõtsa tn 8a, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia, e-mail:

Purposes of personal data processing:

a. initial assessment of your application in terms of eligibility for the study and - in the case of positive verification of the application - contact related to confirmation of participation in the study;

b. potential qualifying you for subsequent editions of the study or similar studies and communication related to the confirmation of participation in further studies.

Your rights:

You can request the erasure or restriction of the processing of your data at any time. You also have the right to access, rectify or transfer your data.

If you believe that your rights have been violated, you have the right to complain to the appropriate supervisory authority. In Poland, this authority is the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

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I understand that by clicking the "Submit" button, I confirm that I consent to MX LABS using my answers as a source of information about my health to the extent necessary to prequalify me for participation in the study and for communication related to confirmation of participation in the study.

I can withdraw my consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

I confirm that I have read and understood the information provided in the questionnaire and that I have been given the opportunity to ask questions.

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