MuffinButtons Suggestion Box
Submit your ideas here! If we add one of your suggestions to the permanent MuffinButtons line, AND you include a valid contact email, we'll send you a freebie!

Note that this is just a suggestion box. if you wish to place a custom ORDER, you can do that here:
Text Color *
By default, all buttons are black with colored text. If you think it should be black text on a colored background, choose the appropriate color and note "REVERSED" in comments below. "Random" means "any color" or "should be available in different colors".
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The ABSOLUTE max is about 60 characters including punctuation and spaces. We recommend 30 characters or fewer. These are very small buttons.
Subcategories: e.g., the specific show, book, fandom or niche this suggestion pertains to.
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Not a required field, but to qualify for a free button of your submitted suggestion, you MUST fill in a valid contact address.
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