2020 CareerTech Virtual Summit Evaluation
Thank you for attending the 2020 CACTE CareerTech Virtual Summit! We hope that you had a positive professional development experience and plan to attend next year's Summit in Loveland, July 18-22, 2021. :-)

Please assist us in making future CACTE Summits better fit your needs by spending a few minutes completing the Post Summit Survey.
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Virtual Summit Technology Check in Monday
Opening General Session 1/ ACTE Message Tuesday
General Session 2: Legislative Update, CO State of the State
CCCS Office Hours
General Session 3: Awards, CTE Learn
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Date and Time
Ease of Accessibility
Registration Cost
Registration Process
Option to view content at a later date
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The Wednesday Division Networking activities were: *
I visited the exhibitors and spent this much time with them: *
I visited the exhibitors during the "LIVE" time with them and found it: *
Next year is far away, and unpredictable, decisions are still up in the air and need CACTE Board approval. What are your thoughts, at this point, about a In Person ONLY Summit, a Virtual ONLY Summit, OR an In-person/ Virtual Hybrid? Please share your thoughts. *
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After attending our 1st ever VIRTUAL Summit, what thoughts would you like to share in regards to the virtual components?
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