Fayson Lakes Association - Board of Trustees Pontoon Boat Request
This form is being provided to those Fayson Lakes Association members who would like to request approval from the Board of Trustees to purchase or build a pontoon boat for usage on Fayson Lakes Association property.  To be eligible for consideration, membership dues must be paid in full, up to and including the current year.

The General Rules currently permit a limited number of pontoon boats on each of the 3 lakes in Fayson Lakes.  If your request is approved, but the quota for the lake on which you are planning to use the boat has already been met, you will be added to the "waitlist," which is administered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Your request may then be considered in the future, once an existing pontoon boat registration is not renewed.

Please thoroughly read the Fayson Lakes Association General Boating Rules documented at the following location, to familiarize yourself with these rules, which include several specific to pontoon boats:

After completing a review of those rules, if you decide that you would like to proceed with a pontoon boat request, please answer each of the questions below and submit the form for review.  The Boats Trustee will generally provide initial acknowledgment of this request within 48-72 hours of it being submitted, and will follow-up with you after your request has been reviewed by the Board of Trustees.

DO NOT PURCHASE OR CONSTRUCT A PONTOON BOAT UNTIL AFTER THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES HAS COMPLETED ITS REVIEW AND PROVIDED APPROVAL.  The Fayson Lakes Association and the Board of Trustees are not liable for any costs incurred for unapproved pontoon boats and are not obligated to permit their use.

AFTER a request is approved, you must purchase/build your boat within 6 months of the approval date.  If you have not done so by that time, your request will be cancelled and the next person on the waitlist will be contacted.

If you have any questions, please contact the Boats Trustee listed on our website:
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First Name *
Last Name *
Street Address *
Phone *
Email Address *
Pontoon Boat Dimensions *
Please provide the size dimensions (Length x Width x Height) of the pontoon boat that you are planning to purchase/build.
Pontoon Boat Motor Type / Power *
Please provide the details of the motor (make/model, etc.) you are planning to use in a company-manufactured/homemade pontoon boat.
Pontoon Boat Design / Materials *
For a company-manufactured pontoon boat, please share the make/model.  For a homemade pontoon boat, please provide details of its intended design and building materials, including a description of flotation components (e.g., type and color of pontoons/barrels, shielding).
Lake Usage
Please indicate on which lake(s) you intend to use this pontoon boat.
Boating Season Storage *
Please specify how/where you are planning to store/moor this pontoon boat during the boating season.
Offseason Storage *
All boats must be removed from the water each year no later than the 1st of December, and must not obstruct member access to the Guardian Strip surrounding the lakes.  Please specify how/where you are planning to store this pontoon boat during the offseason.
Agreement to Terms *
I hereby attest that all of the information provided above is accurate, and I understand that all boats, owners, and operators must conform to all posted rules of the Fayson Lakes Association (published to https://faysonlakes.org) as a condition of registration. I also understand that non-compliance with these rules, at the discretion of the Board of the Trustees, may result in the suspension or revocation of this boat registration and/or other membership privileges.
Supplemental Information
If you have any additional photos, diagrams, etc. to help support your pontoon boat request, please email them to the Boats Trustee listed on our website (https://www.faysonlakes.org/trustees-office) following the submission of this form.

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