Tips for a Book on Teaching Literature?
I am thrilled to share that I am officially beginning to write a book on teaching literature, a book that's been simmering inside me for years. My working title is The Tree of Reading: How and Why to Teach Literature. I want to help teachers help students develop powerful reading skills, deepen their lives, and bless the world. Building on current scholarship on teaching and learning and on a decade of my own experiments in teaching literature and reading, the book will marry a grand, idealistic vision with concrete, grounded teaching practices. I am looking for writing comadres ("co-mothers"), as Gloria Anzaldúa puts it. Please get in touch (through this form or contact information below) if you want to:

—Encourage me,
—Recommend readings I should cite or think about while writing the book,
—Share how reading or literature has shaped or changed or stuck with you in some way,
—Share a good idea or activity you have for teaching literature,
—Tell me about an outstanding literature teacher you've had,
—Tell me about problems or challenges or disillusionments that you've run into with reading or teaching literature,
—Read short excerpts of my work and talk through my thinking and writing with me from time to time as I go along in the process, or
—Publish the book or recommend a publisher.

Working Outline

The Tree of Reading: How and Why to Teach Literature

Chapter 1. Why Read and Teach Literature
Chapter 2. The Threshold Concepts of Literary Studies
Chapter 3. Teaching Active Reading
Chapter 4. Teaching Critical Reading
Chapter 5. Teaching Contemplative Reading
Chapter 6. Teaching Discussion as a Reading Practice
Chapter 7. The Future of Reading
Coda: Reading and Life


Paul T. Corrigan, PhD
p t corrigan at gmail dot com

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