Acorn Application
Thanks for your interest in being a part of our Co-op! Please fill out this written application with transparency, self reflection, and depth so that we and you can make sure this is a good fit for everybody. We will follow up with other steps once we receive your application. These other steps are a little more informal, including hanging out with us a couple times if geographically possible, and possibly a very chill in person or phone interview and a couple references.
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What is your name? *
What pronouns do you use? *
Phone number *
Where are you currently based? *
How old are you?
When would you ideally like to move in (recognizing that this might not be possible on your ideal timeline, but still let us know) *
How long do you see yourself living at Acorn Housing Cooperative, and do you see yourself living here full time or seasonally/intermittently? *
What interests you about living in a co-op, and do you have experience living in co-ops or other collective living scenarios? *
Rent for a regular room inside the house is $300 a month. That includes everything. Rent for a tiny house or other autonomous dwelling unit is cheaper than that, we are working on a set amount. Can you afford that? Do you have plans for income of how you could afford that? Are you going to get some kind of job to support yourself if need be? *
If there is not an available room at Acorn for the timeline in which you were interested in moving here, are you still interested in moving to Northfield and being a part of our projects and organizing? If yes, would you like help finding an affordable rental situation in town? Any idea what your budget for rent would be? *
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