Child-Friendly Employer Pledge Form
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Child-Friendly Employer Pledge Form
As a volunteer for the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, you will spread awareness about child labour and trafficking. You will fill out this form is for potential employers of child labour: dhabhas, kirana stores, mechanics, tea stalls, dhobis, small restaurants, factories, farms. First you will speak to them about:

- the laws around child labour so they understand the implications of hiring children

- how their customers and clients demand a child-labour free society

- how by hiring children and denying them an education, they are not only breaking the law but they are also destroying the future of the child and the country

- explain about the Bachpan Bachao Andolan helpline (1800 102 7222) and Child Helpline number 1098 so that in case any one comes with children for work, report them as a potential trafficker.

- as adults in the community, empower them to play their part in making a locality free from child labour and help protect children

- tell them about how Covid-19 is pushing children into child labour

They will need to pledge that they will not employ children in their business now or ever. If they are willing, you can take a picture of them holding up a piece of paper with #EndChildLabour2025 and upload it on
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