Cage Match: Team Sign-Ups
Ready to compete at Cage Match? Make sure you read the reminders below and fill in the form below to sign up.

- You can only sign up one team per calendar month.
- Please list all performers in the Team Performers section on sign up. Forms filled where the majority of performers are "to be confirmed" will be considered incomplete and not assigned a slot. Any changes to the team MUST be communicated with Cage Match Commissioner.
- If you already signed up and have an assigned date, there's no need to sign up again.
- Please note Cage Match asks that if selected you provide a poster for your team for social media purposes, if you feel you will be unable to provide this then please advise.
- Please like Cage Match on Facebook to keep up with current Cage Match news!

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The name of the person who is currently filling in this form. We will correspond with you to regarding when your team is performing or if there are any issues.
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Please enter each performer of your team on a separate line. Make sure to include yourself.
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If you are receiving coaching, please list your coach's name here.
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Theme Song *
Please enter a theme song for your team in the format of Artist - Song Title. If you don't have a theme song, leave the field blank and we will assign one for you.
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If assigned a slot, will you promote you appearance:
Teams have promoted their appearances in the past by making hype videos or diss videos, through light hearted smack talk towards the other team on social media, using funny pictures, and through inviting friends to the show through a Facebook event. The more people at the show, the more fun you're likely to have on stage. Be inventive in promoting your appearance.
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If you have any additional information or questions, put them below.
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