The Village Project Interest Survey
Thank you for your interest in Our Village Project!

The Village Project Purpose: Support and intervention for our most at-risk students (many who have been impacted by incarceration) with the intention of having a positive impact on our entire community.

Our pilot included, learning age-appropriate skills in things such as, Public Communication Skills, Dealing With Emotions/Conflicts in Public, Simple Gardening, and Personal Self Care. We asked the Success Coaches to provide 30-60 minutes per week with their students during the school day. During the short pilot we asked the Success Coaches be present at three whole-group events (at Erickson Elementary and out in the community). Depending on the event planning for 2018-2019 School Year, the commitment requirements may be slightly different. This year we are expanding to include not only Erickson Elementary, but also Holmes Elementary and ACCE Middle/High School. Please complete this survey to let us know how you may be interested in becoming part of our village!

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IF SPECIAL TOPIC PRESENTER, what would you like to present to the students? (example: cooking, gardening, personal hygiene, safe relationships, yoga, etc)
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