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Hello! Hopefully you're reading this because you're interested in helping create awesome educational videos that support both open and global health education.

To provide some background, Osmosis ( is a web-based platform that helps med students study for the boards (among a lot of other things). On top of that, we also curate and create a lot of our own educational content, particularly "whiteboard-style" video content. All our videos are openly accessible on YouTube (, and we also have a partnership with Wikipedia Project Medicine, so you're likely to catch our videos on the main Wikipedia pages for various diseases (e.g.

Our content creation team currently consists of a handful of animators, scriptwriters, and other folks who keep the wheels turning. We're specifically looking for a new scriptwriter: someone who has strong writing skills and a willingness to learn physiology and pathology topics. You do not need to have a background in science to write great scripts for us. These videos are all released on a creative commons license, meaning they're open-access. That said, they also double as test resources for students using our platform.

This particular opportunity is for a paid internship period with the hope that the applicant will continue on afterward making scripts full-time. Our YouTube channel's growing (160k subscribers and counting), and we're hoping to scale production of videos to cover more topics in medicine at a faster rate, with the ultimate goal being to provide a library of free "high-yield" educational content for med students as well as medical professionals and people outside the medical field.

About the internship
The internship is a one-month training opportunity to learn how to make Osmosis-style scripts, with the goal being that the applicant continues on as a full-time contractor producing videos for Osmosis.

Both the internship and position afterwards are remote. We're accepting applications from anyone worldwide.

Applicant requirements
- Complete fluency in both spoken and written English.

- Strong writing skills, a commitment to excellence, receptive to constructive feedback, and an eagerness to learn new things.

- Completed a Bachelor's of Arts, or currently pursuing/completed a degree in a healthcare or biomedical field.

- Preferred: Individuals with significant experience with writing essays, such as (but not limited to) degrees in English literature, history, journalism, or women's studies.

- Familiarity with Google Drive and Google Documents.

- Ability to work remotely (you have internet, a computer, etc).

- Available to regularly attend meetings in Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5).

- Ability to work 30-40 hours per week most weeks.

The pay for the one-month period is $12.50 (USD) per hour, with a maximum of 40 hours per week for four weeks. Afterward, the content team will decide whether or not to extend the applicant to a full-time contractor position to produce scripts at a rate of $100 - $200 (USD) per script (based on word counts between 900 - 1700). Internships may be converted to full-time hours contractors early depending on performance. For a point of reference, these scripts should take a proficient script writer about 45 minutes per 150 words to write. Proficient writers tend to make about $1000 USD / week.

Perks at Osmosis
- The work you do will be seen by millions of people every month (we currently get over 2 million video views a month).

- Flexible work hours. You choose a schedule that works for you.

- Work wherever. You want to work while you travel the world? Go ahead. Some of us do just that.

- Team retreats. Since we all work remotely we try to all meet up every once in a while in person.

- Work with a small team that cares. You're investing your time with us, we want to invest in you.

Next steps
If you're still interested, then we'd like you to make a sample script that comes as close as possible to matching the style of our current scripts (e.g. writing style, scope of content, vocabulary, etc). It's highly encouraged that you become familiar with the videos on our channel (, particularly the most recently released videos.

Here is a document to help you write scripts in our style. This includes samples of our scripts, as well as the textbook resources you have to use. Please review this several times! -

Again, you're highly encouraged to use our YouTube channel (as well as the script samples in the document above) for inspiration, as we'd like to see the samples come as stylistically close as possible to our current videos.

Awesome! All that said, here are the next steps:
(1) Write a script on the topic: *Basal Cell Carcinoma* (around 900 words in length).
(2) Submit the form (important)

Note: The script you submit is part of the interview process. You may be asked to make edits to one round of feedback before we make a decision on whether to extend the internship to you. You won't be compensated for the application script.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Application is open until the position is filled. To be safe, you'll probably want to have your application in before June 19, 2017. If it's past that date, apply anyways! We're always keeping a look out for awesome script writers.

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