Non-NABTE School Student Application for One-year Professional NBEA Membership
The past presidents of the North Central Business Education Association (NCBEA) will be awarding two student professional National Business Education Association (NBEA) memberships (an $80 value) to business education students yearly. NBEA members are automatically members of the regional association, NCBEA. One membership will be awarded during the fall semester and one during the spring semester.

Membership Guidelines:

*Must be a full-time undergraduate student who is at least a junior enrolled in a business education program at a college or university

*Student must reside and attend a college/university in one of the NCBEA affiliate states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, or Wisconsin (Residence and college/university can be in different NCBEA states)

*Student must be attending a non-NABTE institution. Students attending NABTE institutions (a list of NABTE institutions can be found at are eligible for a reduced student rate that is available to full-time undergraduate students, visit for details

*Student must have never been a member of NBEA

*In addition to completing the membership form, a recommendation for membership must be submitted to the immediate past president by a business professor at the college/university the student is attending

The membership application below can be submitted by the student, but will not be considered until a recommendation for membership is received from a business professor at the college/university the student is attending. The recommendation can be sent by e-mail to or through USPS, addressed to Robert Murray, 5017 Haenke Road, Mountain Iron, MN 55768

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Being a Member of NBEA/NCBEA will benefit me in the following way(s):
In submitting this application, I certify that the above information is correct and complete and I meet the membership guidelines required to be eligible for a one-year complimentary professional membership as a student. I understand that my application for professional membership will not be considered until a recommendation from a business professor at the college/university the student is attending has been received by the NCBEA immediate past president. I understand that by providing my mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number, I consent to receive communications sent by or on behalf of NBEA and NCBEA (and its state affiliates) via regular mail, e-mail, or telephone. I understand that my information will not be shared with other organizations.
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