Columbia Virtual Fiction Foundry - Author Form
Welcome to the Columbia Virtual Fiction Foundry. We look forward to learning a little about you and helping you choose the right group for your writing needs.

There are several options for participating:

1. Online Work Groups
- Participants post 2,000 to 5,000 word submissions.
- As they sign up, participants are placed into groups of six.
- Each group will have access to a Virtual Fiction Foundry Google Drive Folder.
- The group will use this folder to post submissions and critiques.
- After posting a submission to the group folder, members critique each submission.

2. Virtual Novel Exchange
- Participants post complete novels.
- All members have access to a Novel Exchange Google Drive Folder.
- Anyone may post submissions and critiques of the completed works or read for their personal enjoyment.

3. Virtual Workshops
- This mirrors our bimonthly on-ground workshops.
- Participants submit 2000 to 5000 word submissions.
- As they sign up, participants will be assigned to a group and have access to a Virtual Fiction Foundry
Google Drive Folder.
- The group will then hold Virtual Workshops, led by a moderator, at assigned times on Zoom.
- Members of the group are required to provide substantive comments on each of the works during the
Virtual Workshop.
- Each Virtual Workshop will be assigned a moderator who will be tasked with collecting and distributing the
manuscripts as well as scheduling and hosting the Virtual Workshop on Zoom.

Access to the Virtual Novel Exchange includes acknowledgement that the novels are the intellectual property of the author and any distribution thereof is strictly prohibited.

Please fill out the following questions.
This information will help us to ensure you have a positive experience with the Virtual Fiction Foundry.
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