Remote CFO ($50/hour) Work Sample
We want you to know exactly what this role will be like and we want to know if you will be a good fit. Resumes and interviews can be misleading and the best indicator of on-the-job performance is real-world based assessments. If you are interested in this position, this work sample will take approximately one hour. We know your time is valuable, appreciate your investment, and will reach out for the next round of interviews after reviewing each submission.
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1. What are the top five changes you would make to improve this invoice? Feel free to include some formatting improvements but please focus your improvements on the information provided to the customer. Invoice: *
2. Please record a three minute screen share recording as you describe the top two most valuable features you believe QuickBooks Online offers. For this screen share recording, please record your screen and audio and click through the features in a real QBO instance as you describe why you believe they are the most valuable. Please submit a link of the recording and ensure anyone with the link is able to view the video. Note: we have no interest in other businesses' private financial data so feel free to either use a dummy account or edit the screen share to blur sensitive information. *
3. Based on the job responsibilities, please build a model weekly schedule for yourself based on how you like to work. *
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