2019 - 2020 Middle Eastern Student Commission Intern Application
Set a Foundation: Because the MESC is one of the newest student commissions within the ASUW, the MESC relies on its interns and dedicated constituents to work hard towards its central goals and ideals, with the hope of creating a strong foundation for future generations of MESC students to rely on. Bring your passion, empathy, and ideas to the MESC to not only create a foundation but to create a tradition.

Broaden your Skills: Some of our positions will require you to step outside your comfort zone and improve upon skills that you may carry with you into your professional careers. By being a part of a team that will program large events, lecture on Middle Eastern culture, and advocates for Middle Eastern students, you will gain experience and knowledge on administration and political issues that cannot compare to other jobs on campus.

Celebrate Middle Eastern Culture: Even though the MESC has only had a few years of establishment, it has already become a home to so many students. By reaching out to our diverse student organizations on campus and working together to create memories and progress for the MESC, we have already practiced one of the main values of Middle Eastern culture: family.

There are 3 interns, and 2 Specialized Leads positions in which any enrolled student at UW-Seattle may apply for. These are unpaid internships that will begin as soon as you are hired.

Every position will be required to:
- Work between 3 and 5 hours a week. We understand that college students have demanding schedules, so we will try our best to work with your schedules by coordinating before meetings.
- Attend intern meetings and MESC constituent meetings and take notes.
- Help with MESC-hosted events by coordinating with the director, other interns, and constituents.
-Have strong writing abilities and maintain quick correspondence via email or text message within work hours or prior to events.

Any position with these listed recommendations is a plus, however, it will not reduce your chances of becoming any of the intern positions if you do not have them:
-Writing legislation or researching Middle Eastern related issues that affect UW students that could be ultimately translated into legislation.
-Experience with administration and event coordination.
-Strong note-taking skills.

*Intern Lead*
- Help lead intern meetings and work alongside the director to assign and coordinate other interns to various projects. This may include leading intern meetings when the director is unable to attend.
- Attend SAB, ASUW Senate, or JCC meetings with the director and serve as the director’s proxy when they are unable to attend. If a meeting is inherently in conflict with the director’s schedule, becoming a proxy may become a weekly occurrence for said meeting. Be prepared for this!
- Help the director to maintain a relationship between MESC constituents and the ASUW.
-Serve as the point of contact for the MESC’s voluntary outreach coordinators.

*Communications Coordinator*
- Take photos and videos during MESC events as documentation. Owning a DSLR camera is strongly recommended.
-Update the MESC’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and website. This may include finding and sharing relevant school/professional opportunities (jobs, internships, scholarships, etc.) for students on social media.
- Work with the ASUW Office of Communications on official advertisement material for MESC events.
- Design flyers, buttons, etc. for MESC events as an advertisement to the local and UW community.
- Ideal for people who are interested in or have majored in graphic design, photography, and web design.

*Event Planner*
- Serve as the point of contact to vendors, venues, and volunteers prior to or during events.
-Reserve venues and other necessities at the beginning of the quarter in preparation for our big quarterly events.
-Compile a list of necessities (chairs, tables, napkins, etc.) per event for the director to then manage the budget.
-Coordinate with other Middle Eastern RSOs or communities on campus to inquire and/or establish event-collaboration.
-Design and execute social gatherings and/or small events (whether for cultural or political purposes) for the MESC community.

*Specialized Leads will be appointed once accepted*

The application closes on December 4th, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Applications are based on rolling admissions. If you have any questions about the intern application process or would like to know more about the job descriptions of each intern role, do not hesitate to email asuwmesc@uw.edu.

Although these roles may seem intimidating at times, it’s important to remember the power of teamwork and motivation. We hope to see you in our office soon. Good luck!

Feel free to reach out to Laila Mohamud this year's Middle Eastern Student Commission Director @ asuwmesc@uw.edu
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