2020 Transportation Survey
The purpose of the survey is to identify the most critical transportation needs for families in DC so that we can make transportation, safer, more reliable, and more accessible. (Safety is defined as the ability to commute without risk of being bullied, sexually harassed, and physically harmed). Please take a moment to help improve the commutes to and from school for all DC students by completing this survey.
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What school(s) does your child or do your children attend? (If you only work for DCPS Schools, you can list where you work.) *
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How does(do) your child (children) commute to school? (choose all that apply:) *
What are your problems with school transportation? (rank in order of importance with 5 being the most important) *
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Safety- it is not safe to commute by bus and/or metro
Reliability- metro does not run on time
Reliability-bus does not run on time
Accessibility- can not afford fairs
Accessibility-no bus or metro stops in my area and therefore hard to get to
Did you know that 2 "Safe Spots/Zones" exist in Wards 7 and 8? (these are areas where businesses provide safe shelter to students in an emergency and have a heavy police presence)
Rank in order of importance the following transportation recommendations (6 being most important) *
6 most important
1 least important
Develop 12 "safe spots zones" along priority safe passage routes .
Hire trusted adults to walk safe passage routes
Double the frequency of weekday buses before school and after school for priority routes averaging 300 plus rides?
Create a reduced fare program for low income parents who travel with their children to school.
Create a student shuttle service that will better connect students to existing transportation metro and bus stops during pick up and drop off times.
Implement safety, pedestrian, bike, and transit infrastructure improvements first in places with highest needs( to make it easier to get to the bus or metro)
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