Meal Box or Ticket Request
Please note that this form will be checked at 4:00 PM each day. Requests for that day received after that will not be accepted. Only one meal ticket can be requested per month. For more information on policies pertaining to meal boxes and meal tickets, please see the Meal Box Guidelines here:

If you would like to confirm that your request has been submitted, please view the form results link on the next page (after clicking submit.)

You can request a meal box daily, provided it is rinsed and returned by 4PM of the day it is requested

For enquiries unrelated to meal box or ticket requests, please contact the GCDS kitchen by e-mail at, or by phone at 604-822-0912.
For Bagged Breakfast requests, use this form:

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Please indicate meal ticket/box with box # and meal plan type, e.g. "meal box #44, vegetarian thanks =)", or "meal ticket please!"
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If your meal box is not picked up in the servery by 7:30PM, do you want it moved to the basement fridge?
By selecting 'Yes,' you agree that you take full responsibility of the meal box when it has left the servery. The Green College Dining Society will not be held liable to any loss, damage, or tampering of the meal box or its contents. The fridge is located in the Graham House basement, to the right (en route to the kitchen) as you go down the stairs.
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