Tesla Model S Wh/mile
This will go into a spreadsheet where the averages will be calculated as a whole and for each "type" of car.

Please do not duplicate your entries or overlap them. i.e. if you drive 100 miles, enter it, drive another 50 miles, the second entry should not include the Wh/mile of the first 100 miles.

I have made the date fields required to help prevent overlap entries. The #Number and Dates will be used as the primary key for entries.

# Number *
If you do not want to share this use some unique ID for your entries
Your answer
Start Date *
Start date of milage used in calculation
Your answer
End Date *
End of driving period
Your answer
Type of car *
Miles Driven *
Miles driven in Wh/mile calc
Your answer
Wh/mile *
This is the Watt hours/mile from your console for the period defined above
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Notes about driving period
Hills, highway, speed damon, etc.
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