2020 BFM Mis-Management Nominations
Here be the nominations for 2020 Ben Franklin Mob Mismanagement.

Add your friends, your enemies and anything in between. You do not need to include a nomination for every category.

You can include either Hash or Nerd Name, based on whichever you remember.

You can also nominate yourself and more than one person per category.

Grand Master (GM)
They are in charge of the BFM. It is their job to line up weekly hash bars, plan for larger events, and other big picture issues. Groundhog Lay (aka Kripke) is your 2019 GM.
Grand Master (GM) nominations?
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Hare Razor
It is their job to recruit and train Hares. Cuff Me the Vampire Player (aka Mego) is your 2019 Hare Razor.
Hare Razor nominations?
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Religious Advisers (RAs)
It is their job to run Chalk Talk before trail and Circle after trail, including Namings. Me Shrub You Long Time (aka "Mike something or other") and Everything Butt Sex (aka Cline) are your 2019 RAs.
Religious Adviser (RA) nominations?
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On Sec
It is their job to do entertaining write-ups of each weekly hash. They also keep track of nominations during Namings. Taco, Slothy, Shop, May I Cum On Ya, Knights, Jewels, and Shrub are your 2019 On Secs.
On Sec nominations?
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Hash Flash
It is their job to take, collect, and curate pictures from weekly hashes and other events. Statutory Consent (aka Kelsey) is your 2019 Hash Flash.
Hash Flash nominations?
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It is their job to research, order, and sell clothing and other merch to promote BFM, make money, and make you look effortlessly cool. Sphincter Grease (aka Mr. Wisconsin) is your 2019 Haberdasher.
Haberdasher nominations?
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That's it. Almost.
This is your chance to let the 2019 Mis-Management know what you think. This can be anonymous or you can include your name. Thanks!
Questions, concerns or comments?
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