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Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) welcomes all members of the Labour Party who agree to our statement of principles (see below) as members.

People who self-identify as Jewish are Full Members and all others are Associate Members, without voting rights. People who are not members of the Party are welcome to register as Supporters of JVL.

Associate members and supporters will be kept informed of the activities of JVL and encouraged to take part in our activities to promote our principles.

Any information you send us will be held securely and will not be shared with any other group. We respect the privacy of our members and supporters

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To join JVL as a full or associate member or to register as a supporter costs

£15.00 per year
£5.00 concessions
If you cannot afford these fees please contact; we do not want to exclude anyone on financial grounds.

These are minimum fees. We hope very much you make a donation on top of the membership fee if you can afford to.

Please transfer your fee to
Jewish Voice for Labour
Sort code: 16-58-10
Account number: 20814437

Please put your name + fee (e.g. 'Michael Cohen FEE') as the reference on your transfer so we can identify your payment

Our membership year is 1 October to 30 September. Renewal fees will be due each 1 October. The fee for anyone joining after 1 July will cover membership up to 30 September in the following year.

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Jewish Voice for Labour - Statement of Principles

Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is a network for Jewish members of the Labour party.

Our political priorities are universal human rights and dignity; justice for all; freedom of expression; and democracy in the Labour Party.

Our mission is to contribute to making the Labour Party an open, democratic and inclusive party, encouraging all ethnic groups and cultures to join and participate freely. As such we aim to strengthen the party in its opposition to all forms of racism including antisemitism, broadening the party’s appeal to all sections of British society. We take inspiration from the long history of Jewish involvement in the socialist and trade-union movements and in anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles, including the anti-apartheid and civil-rights movements.

We stand for rights and justice for Jewish people everywhere, and against wrongs and injustice to Palestinians and other oppressed people anywhere. We uphold the right of supporters of justice for Palestinians to engage in solidarity activities, such as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. We oppose attempts to widen the definition of antisemitism beyond its meaning of hostility towards or discrimination against Jews as Jews.

At a time of profound divisions in Jewish communities, JVL offers a space to explore and debate the many questions (personal, social, cultural, political) that are important to us as progressive Labour Jews.

We will work where appropriate with existing groups involved with issues of common concern from an internationalist and anti-racist perspective.

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