Copyrighted Material Removal Request
Hiber takes claims over copyrighted and trademarked materials seriously and our goal is to ensure that rights holders can effectively and easily protect those rights. To that end, we have a system in place for reporting content that violates copyright or trademarks, as well as our Terms of Use (article 23) stated below:

Protection of Third Party Rights

"23. You shall be fully responsible for your User Content and represent that any content that you post in the Service does not infringe on any third party’s Intellectual Property Rights, right of privacy or right of publicity. You are responsible that no copyright protected material owned or controlled by third parties is inserted into your User Content without the prior written consent of such third party. Hiber will delete or remove your content if Hiber believes it is infringing someone else’s Intellectual Property Rights, right of privacy or right of publicity."

If you want to report content that violates your copyright or trademarks, please start by adding your contact information:
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