Cornerstone Baptist Church COVID-19 Survey
Your feedback on the following questions will assist the newly formed ad hoc committee, S.W.A.T. (Safe Worship Assembly Team) as we plan for an eventual return to in-person Sunday morning worship services, events, and ministry activities at Cornerstone Baptist Church. We kindly ask that you complete this survey so that we can better serve and meet the needs of the congregation.
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Please take a few moments to answer the survey questions below. Please select the answers that best describe how you feel. Thank you!
This survey will close on August 1, 2020.
As local government begins to lift bans against churches meeting, which of the following best describes your attitude towards returning to a worship service at church? *
As soon as we receive clearance for public gatherings from our local officials, which of the following would you prefer for our church? *
Which type of activity BEST signals to you that it is time to open in-person worship at the church? *
If local guidelines require all church attendees to wear a protective face mask, how would you feel about attending? *
Would you be okay if we have to check every person’s temperature as they enter the building? *
Would you be willing to attend a worship service at a different time than you typically attend to allow people to spread out more for social distancing? *
Would you be willing to attend worship service in the balcony to ensure people are spread out for social distancing? *
What worship service time does your family usually attend? *
What type of precaution should be our top priority for worship gatherings? Select all that apply. *
Do you expect the church to offer children’s church and youth ministry activities as soon as we resume? *
Do you expect the church to offer ministry activities, events, and christian education classes as soon as we resume? *
What precautions, if any, do you plan to take when you return to a worship service? Select all that apply. *
At the current time, how would you rate your physical health? *
How much stress are you experiencing related to your personal finances? *
Extremely Stressed
Not Stressed At All
I am currently in a stable job situation. *
I have people in my life I can count on no matter what happens. *
When I am in crisis, I find my hope in God. *
In what year were you born? *
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