Register for Da'wah training
Address: 8924 Old Cedar Road, Bloomington, MN 55420
Teachers: to be announced soon. Please pick a orientation session below

Training will be held twice a month on Sundays. Each day will follow a specific structure
This is a free training for 9 months and it is open to both genders.  commitment is a must.
This year's focus is to train and provide experience until June 2018
Anyone is welcome to join as long as they follow the structure and goals of the class
You will learn about the basics of Islam and Aqeedah (knowledge about Islamic belief system).
Training starts on Sunday 10/08/2017 at Masjid Ar Rahman (MCC) at 2:45 PM and go till 4:45 PM.
Attendees will be seated according to Islam's modesty guidelines.

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