New Client Discovery Questionnaire
Please fill it out to the best of your ability. If you don’t have answers for all the marketing questions – just skip them or tell me your intentions. Most people don’t have all this going on – it’s really to give me a complete picture.
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Part 1: Current Snapshot of your business
(it’s ok if you don’t have information to complete in all of these)
Organization Development Consulting. Primarily, for the last 18 years, I have worked with the many hospitals and administrative organizations at Mass General Brigham on all aspects of OD. Leadership development, team effectiveness, communication, navigating conflict, employee engagement, coaching, and management skills of all kinds. I serve as a front of the room instructor, a behind the scenes executive coach and consultant, retreat leader, project manager, and keynote speaker. Because MGB (formerly Partners Healthcare) employees over 80,000 and is made up of dozens of facilities, I have multiple client groups across the organization. I've done similar work at a couple other companies over the last decade, but MGB keeps me very busy.
Collaborator, creative, energized, positive, and always learning.
Other URLs (list all that apply to your business) is the business page (3329 followers). www.facebook/susanmattila is personal, but I do some promo of the book there (595 friends). Facebook group for the book specifically is or Just Say It, started in December and has 64 members. I invited you to join so you can check it out:) We are connected. I have 680 connections.
Any other Social media vehicle that you use constantly
I do not have or use currently
Ditto...nothing. I think I need to clarify my "why" before I make this a priority
How often do you tend to email your list? What are they used to?
Do you offer a Free Gift or opt-in report? If so, what is it? Please provide link.
Just Say It: 12 Mantras to Empower the Most Resilient, Confident, and Authentic You
This is tough to answer. I do almost everything via proposal and contract. I have offered hundreds, if not thousands, of keynotes, workshops, retreats, team interventions, and classes over the years. Each begins with a client request, for which I create and estimate and proposal and we agree how to proceed. I customize for most situations, based on the discovery phase of the engagement. Exception: I teach 7 courses as part of a Professional Development Series that is offered every spring and fall (that's more packaged, so to speak).
This is definitely not my primary motivator. My goal this last year was to work less. Thanks to Covid and honest effort on my part, I did. So, typical income was $130,000 - !80,000 for last many years. At end of 2019, I began cutting back. Revenue for 2020 is closer to $115,000. My goal will be to work on things that jazz me, energize me, and move me in a new direction. Earnings will be a secondary focus (and likely sustained by continuing some of the corporate work)
Word of mouth has been my #1 source of clients. I've never needed anything else. Now, I am dabbling in social media marketing, especially vis a vis the book.
A second book...Just Be It. Also, am running a Reset, Reflect, Reinvent group that I want to explore expanding to new audiences.
Always spoke live. Now it is all virtual. I love speaking about any and all the topics in my book
nothing at present
Part 2: Tell Me More About You
This is where I'd like to begin our work. My vision, so far is about bringing the skills and tools I've amassed these last years to people who need them and are eager to learn, agnostic to title, corporate connections, and background.
Energy, humor, and learning. I often describe myself and think of my work as providing a breath of fresh air. My intro to most speaking engagements is: Creating places where people can and want to bring their best to everything they do.
DISC: mix of I and S MBTI: INFJ (close to the E line, but definitely an I)
What is going on in your life that will feed the expansion of your business?
What is going on in your life that may inhibit your expansion?
What external habits seem to get in your way of expansion and growth?
Anything else I should know about your marketing, business or in your life?
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