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First things first, thank you for being here to fill out this form. We look forward to meeting you. In EpicMigrations, we have two main units perform in our working areas. These units are the Media unit and the Academy unit. There are three subunits of the Academy unit: Health, Law, and Social Sciences. These subunits discuss migration and refugees from an academic point of view within their fields. As the team of EpicMigrations, we support our friends who want to work on immigration from the very beginning.
As such, we do not require you to have expertise. There are also three subunits of the Media unit: Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. These units work on different projects for each social media platform. Our Media unit supports content creation for refugees. We prefer our content to be based on human rights and values, rather than tragedy and drama alone. EpicMigrations' ultimate goal is to support integration and contribute to developing international migration policies with the help of these two main units. We told you all about us. Now we invite you to answer the following questions to get to know you better:) Our teammates will contact you as soon as possible after you send the form.
First and last Name?
School and department?
The E-mail address and phone number (if you like to share it)
Can you briefly explain to us why are you interested in immigration and refugee studies?
Where did you hear about us?
Can you name some of your interests?
If you have worked with refugee groups before, please tell us about that experience.
Which unit do you want to be a part of?
Can you briefly tell us about yourself?
Do not hesitate to leave a message.
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