1. Only applicable for Brunei scholars under the MOE (including doctors), DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD, and SBPP scheme who
plans to undergo internship, work experience, placements and rotations.

1. Students are required to apply for permission from their sponsors to undergo the abovementioned programmes via the
Director of Studies, EAUC, in a letter form at least THREE months before it commences.
2. In addition to the letter, the following documents must be submitted to the EAUC at
• University authorisation letter;
• Details of work programme;
• Application letters to companies/government bodies;
• Offer/Acceptance or Rejection Letter from companies/government bodies; and
• Other supporting documents which are relevant to this application.
3. Students are encouraged to apply for placements in Australia to gain the knowledge and skills that may be useful for
capacity building in Brunei.
4. Student should note that they are ONLY allowed to undergo these programmes once permission is granted by their

1. Please submit your online PTF on time and before the deadline.
2. Update your PTF as and when authorization/acceptance/letter(s) becomes available.
3. Starting an internship, work experience, placements and rotations without authorized
consent may effect your status as a Brunei government scholar or loan receipient,
resulting in loss of air passage, accommodation, and travelling allowances benefits.

1. Australia or third country
• Students may be eligible for the following benefits:
- Air passage;
- Accommodations (maximum of 3 days);
- Transport expenses;
- Security Vetting (if any);
- Immunisation (if any); and
- Prerequisite courses.
2. Brunei
• Students are eligible for return air passage only plus their monthly entitlements such
as monthly and travelling allowances.

1. Please use the following online forms
• Internship Air Passage Facility - APT
- once permission is granted by MOE or your sponsor
• Air passage, travelling and accommodation reimbursements - AFR4
- please apply once internship, work, experience, placements and rotations is
- Not applicable for SBPP recipients
2. Submit only 1 AF4 for all your reimbursements.
3. Do not submit multiple online applications for different claims.
4. Claims can only be reimbursed once authorization is provided by MOE or your sponsor.

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