Registration for Essential Music Lessons
Fill out this form to start the registration process for yourself, or your child, to study with Essential Music Lessons. Once this form is filled out, we will email you a contract with the tuition and monthly payment, and all policies. When you receive that form, sign it and return it to Essential Music Lessons to complete registration. Your lesson/class spot is not confirmed until registration is complete. 

If registering more than one student from the same family, you can put answers for both on the same form if desired.

If you have any questions or concerns about this form, please email 
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If any others may be bringing the student to or picking the student up from lessons, please give their names and phone numbers here. These persons will also be considered Emergency Contacts in the event that parents cannot be reached. 
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Please share any medical concerns, food allergies, or learning differences the student has that we need to be aware of. If none, write 'none.' *
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Describe the instrument the student has at home to practice on. Give as much detail as possible. (e.g. keyboard, digital piano, upright, baby grand, brand, model, number of keys, weighted or not, age.) If not applicable, write 'none.' *
If you have an acoustic piano, do you have a piano tuner?
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What instrument does the student play, or what voice part does the student sing? If none, write "none.' *
Has the student previously taken private lessons? *
If yes, how long did the student study privately?
If yes, what is the name of the most recent instructor, and how long did the student study with this instructor?
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If yes, please describe the course.
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What goals do you/does the student have for the next year? (These do not need to be only music-related.)  *
What has been your favorite part of studying with Essential Music Lessons? (If just starting, write N/A) *
What is one way Essential Music Lessons can improve? (e.g. services, website, scheduling, etc.)  *
What program is the student registering for? *
We will do our best to schedule lessons and classes at times that work for everyone. What days and times would you consider? All times are in Eastern Time Zone. Please check all suitable answers.  *
If you have previously studied with Essential Music Lessons, do you wish to keep the same day/time, or are you willing to change to another day/time?
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If you must keep the same day/time, what is the day and time you had lessons scheduled?
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