National Home Front Project: Oral History Jukebox
The Oral History Jukebox is an open, informal exchange where oral historians of all experience levels and backgrounds come together to listen and learn. This Starr Center initiative turns an open ear to the granularity of oral history recordings, searching the medium for key insights into the field.

We are excited to include National Home Front Project students, partners, and public perspectives in this multimedia project! Please reflect on a 1-2 minute interview excerpt from our website or archive that you find particularly fascinating or instructive, and briefly explain what this particular moment has taught you about oral history.

Review the materials below for examples from the Oral History Jukebox before submitting your own reflections to this form:

* AHA Today Article:

* American Historical Association Jukebox Playlist:

* Oral History Association Jukebox Playlist:

We are hoping to assemble a new Jukebox playlist on SoundCloud for National Home Front Project interviews and will inform you once this resource has been created.

Please visit the National Home Front Project interview profiles on our website at and contact oral historians at the Washington College's Starr Center for the American Experience via with any questions.

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* How does this story intersect with broader themes within the National Home Front Project (ex. similar topics across interviews, the importance of untold stories, etc.)?

* What does this clip reveal about interview technique and oral history methods (ex. asking strong questions, approaching emotional exchanges, etc.)?

* What challenges or ethical considerations does it open for discussion (ex. lessons learned, what could be improved upon, etc.)?

* How does the clip contribute to your perspective on the interviewee's life story (ex. your understanding of the person, their life choices, etc.)?

* How do you recommend us further representing this story on our website (ex. highlighting historical silences, counter-narratives, underrepresented populations, etc.)?

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