Horse & Livestock: Location & Numbers in Anchorage
This survey is put out by the Anchorage Horse Council (AHC) at William Clark Chamberlin Equestrian Center in order to get an understanding of where horses and livestock are located in the city of Anchorage. This survey is to better serve the horse and livestock owners in the city of Anchorage in many areas of day to day life as well as in the case of an emergency. If there is an emergency this survey can help locate animals to provide assistance. This survey uses the map of the Anchorage Community Council Districts as it is an existing map that is currently used for planning purposes. No personal information such as name or email will be given out. Thank you for your time in filling out this survey.
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Community Council Districts for Questions #1 & 7
1. What Community Council District do you live in?
2. How many horses do you have?
3. Are your horses on your property?
4. Do you have additional Livestock? What Kinds? This does not include horses
5. Are your livestock on your property? This does not include horses
6. How many livestock in total do you have? This does not include horses
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7. What community council area are your horses located? This includes horses that are boarded off your property at larger barns. *
8.Do you have additional pets?
9. What is something you would like done/improved for the Anchorage equestrian community?
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10. Would you like to be added to the Anchorage Horse Council email list?
11. Thank you for taking the AHC survey. Additional thoughts or questions
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