Play 2 Learn Volunteer Form
Global Peace Foundation MY will be implementing a program named Play 2 Learn in two (2) public low-cost housing, known as PPR (Program Perumahan Rakyat), based in Klang Valley area, from June to December 2019.
This program will encourage outdoor play-based learning activities among PPR children to reduce their indoor screen time.
We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds with various skill sets to offer.
Selected volunteers will assist Global Peace to facilitate workshop activities for PPR children, which are aimed to increase their social and communication skills, promote positive interactions and build character.
ONLY dedicated, long-term volunteers who can commit to at least 8-12 hours (min. 2 sessions) per month should apply.
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Can you commit to volunteer for at least twice a month on Saturday afternoons throughout our 6 months program?
This will not only ease our program implementation and coordination, but also help to build lasting relationships and trust with the children through long term positive interactions
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