Shedd-Porter Memorial Library Community Survey
Shedd-Porter Memorial Library (SPML) has been thriving on many levels despite the challenges of the past few years. We have developed some new programs and services, and we want to stay flexible and responsive to community needs. To this end, SPML has begun a new Strategic Plan for the upcoming years. Please help us envision our next steps! We value your input, and thank you for completing this survey.
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On average, how often every month do you go to the library or use the Libby app? *
Every day!
Do you have a library card, or are you registered with the library?
Which of the following library-sponsored programs would you or your family attend?
Which of the following services are most valuable to you personally or to your family?
How do you usually find out about library programs and services? (please check all that apply)
What factors (if any) limit your use of the library? (please check all that apply)
What makes our library unique?
To improve library experience, what should the library focus on over the next 5 years? (please rank in order of importance)
Building improvements (please see question 9)
More programming
Increasing the collection size
Increasing digital resources
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If you feel that building improvements should be a focus, what would you work on? (please rank in order of importance)
ADA Accessibility
Expansion of physical space
Adding a meeting room with a separate entrance
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If you responded "Other" in Question 9, please detail. 
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