CEF Board Member Interest Form
Mission Statement : The Community Empowerment Fund cultivates opportunities, assets, and communities that support the alleviation of homelessness and poverty.

Guiding Principles :
People-Centered Relationships
We appreciate and value our differences and are committed to working through relationships built on mutual respect and trust. In doing so, we foster a non-judgmental, welcoming and safe environment focused on relationships that empower individuals.

Active Reflection and Co-Learning
We cultivate an environment where advocates, members, and staff learn from each other. We create organizational space to critically reflect on our work.

Participatory Ownership
We -- members, advocates, staff, and board -- share ownership of CEF and achieve our organization’s goals through collaborative decision-making.

Financial Independence
We work together towards sustainable financial security for our community.

Community in Power
We contextualize our efforts within systems of power and through member and advocate experiences. We are committed to social justice and pursue local community-level change.

Welcoming Connectors
We are committed to cultivating an open network of people and organizations to holistically serve members’ goals.

CEF's Board members represent these values for our organization in their leadership and time commitment. Please answer the following questions if you are interested in becoming one of our board members. Reach out to donnac@communityef.org with any questions.
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Have you ever been part of a nonprofit board? *
Why do you want to be a Board Member? *
Which of CEF's values resonates with you most and why? *
What is your familiarity with racial equity? *
What skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer and are willing to use on the behalf of the organization? *
How much time a month can you commit to meetings and serving the mission? The minimum commitment for our board members' is attending a board meeting every other month and being a part of one of the standing committees-fundraising, finance, governance. *
How important do you feel is socially interacting with other members of the board? Staff? *
What do you know about fundraising and are you willing to be part of a fundraising board? *
Are there days and times that would be to sit down and have a conversation with our ED and a board member about your interest? *
Thank you for your interest in being a CEF board member. *
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