Harrisburg School District - Family Survey
In this atmosphere of challenge and change, I am inviting you to help us ensure a bright future for our district. Comprehensive Planning represents an expression of faith in world-class public education and reflects the continued quest for excellence in our district. The future is also at the forefront as we begin a new Comprehensive Planning process as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. A 3-year plan will enable us to keenly focus on our instructional programs and the comprehensive supports that we provide to our students. The planning process is an opportunity to identify and address our most important needs, to think creatively, and ultimately, to demonstrate our capacity for educational leadership. Please provide your thoughts in this survey. The results of this survey will help to guide the future of Harrisburg School District.
My child(ren) attend (check all that apply)
How high are the expectations for your child in Harrisburg School District?
Not high at all
Extremely high
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How useful is the information the Harrisburg School District gives you about the academic growth of your child?
Not at all useful
Extremely useful
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How comfortable do you feel when talking to the school at Harrisburg School District about problems your child is having?
Extremely uncomfortable
Extremely uncomfortable
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How clear are the methods used to measure your child's schoolwork at school?
Extremely unclear
Extremely clear
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How regularly does your child get the help they need from the staff at school?
Not at all regularly
Extremely regularly
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How well does your child's school support social development?
Not at all well
Extremely well
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How much as school improved your child's confidence?
Not at all
A great deal
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How satisfied are you with the communication you receive from Harrisburg School District?
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
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What is your preferred method of communication from school?
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Do you feel welcome in your child's school?
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What are the strengths of the Harrisburg School District?
What are the challenges of the Harrisburg School District?
What suggestion do you have for the improvement of the Harrisburg School District?
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