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Are you aware of the time, energy and patience needed to care for a young puppy and are you willing and able to accept that responsibility? *
Are you committed to caring for this energetic puppy, who's going to quickly grow into a dog, for his or her lifetime? *
Do you agree to never leave this dog outside overnight or for long periods of time or during the day unsupervised? *
If you are unable to care for the dog because of an unexpected life change, we require the puppy/dog be returned to us. Our goal is to keep any "smart doodle puppy" from being in a shelter, rescue, or anywhere else he or she is not wanted. We will work with you if you have already found a new home for the dog. Do you agree to notify us if you can no longer keep your dog? *
Our puppies are sold on a strict non-breeding contract. However, we do agree with many experts that it is better to delay spay or neuter until around one year, for the dog's best health interest. If you have any concerns about this, let's discuss during the interview. Do you agree not to breed the dog? *
Please give name and phone numbers of two references. *
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Does anyone in your family suffer with allergies? If so, please explain. *
Will you research and consider adding fresh food (meat, vegetables, and fruit) to your dog's food? *
Are you willing to use an alternative vaccine program instead of the current traditional schedule? *
If you have answered all the questions honestly and are ready to talk about the possibility of a new furry family member, please use your electronic signature here. *
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