Breast Cancer Rehabilitation: Upper body dysfunctions and impairments.
An online study program for health and well- being practitioners, Occupational and Physio therapists, exercise physiologists, massage therapists, musculoskeletal therapists, clinicians and nurses to improve understanding about the complex physical issues faced by women after breast cancer.

This questionnaire must be completed before the online program password access can be emailed to you.

There are several areas that require your consideration:

1. Your online study can be tailored to suit your learning and work commitments.
You may have the time and the focus to complete the entire training module without any interruptions and support.
If you have other commitments- then it may be easier to have the module split into sections and a single section can be emailed to you at a time-frame that suits you - eg weekly or fortnightly.

2. The information provided for the assessment of breast cancer impairments is provided as a resource. This does not imply that you will be able to use all assessments and methods presented - as you are entirely responsible for establishing that your practice complies with your professional governing body, insurance conditions, clinic and health funding requirements and the medical practitioners recommendations for the patient's rehabilitation.

3. The link to the videos in this module will be available to you for a period of 12 months. The link to the paper for the module will be available for 1 year. Changes or updates may be made to the paper over the year and you will have access to any of these changes. This format allows me to add new cases, references and resources that may develop over the year.

4. At present access to the training videos is pass worded to allow easiest and most cost effective access to people who have purchased the online training. Unfortunately, due to the lack of controls within the Vimeo settings- when you get this access by password, you could forward this link (and password automatically) to other email addresses. I ask that you do not distribute the video links to other email contacts.
This will also occur with the link to google slides- google will offer you to email the slides to your contacts. This should not be performed for the reasons of my patients privacy and the copyright ownership of my work.

Submit this form and you will get access to the online training module. Access is not immediate, as this has not been linked to an external direct access service provider. Access may take 24 hours.

If you can not agree to the points 2 and 4:
You will be entitled to receive an immediate refund on your training program costs with a reduction of the paypal administration fee.

If you have any concerns, email Denise Stewart:

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