Application Form - Mentoring Program 2014-2016 - Western Participants
The Mentoring program is intended to offer an additional line of support to LGBT Christian leaders in Eastern Europe. Eastern European participants from the Summer School will have the opportunity to enter a mentoring program, through which they will be matched with a mentor from Western Europe for a period of one and a half years. The program is an opportunity to discuss questions of group dynamics and leadership, theology and faith, social pressure and activities to address public opinion, or anything else that is important to both partners. The type of relationship wanted is an accompanying one.
The Mentoring Program is limited to eight pairs maximum. It starts with an initial meeting in Samara the day after the Eastern European Forum in September 2014*, and ends in February 2016. During this time, the partners are expected to meet by Skype at least once a month, and twice yearly, also by Skype, with the project coordinators. Additionally, the partner from Eastern Europe should visit the partner from Western Europe once during the project period, and attend events there that are useful for their work in Eastern Europe.
The information required in this application form is necessary for the project coordinators and the Board of the European Forum to prepare the Mentoring Program. Only the applications submitted before 15 May 2014 will be considered. We hope to be able to let you know whether you are accepted as participant of the Summer School or not before 1 July 2014. Thank you!
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Please, give more information on your LGBT Christian group (structure, activities, spirituality, denominational affiliation, broader network). *
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Your motivation and expectations *
Please describe shortly why you wish to participate in the Mentoring Program, and what you hope to offer and achieve with your participation. We ask you to give a description of expectations you have from participating in this program, so that we can match you adequately with someone with a similar/corresponding request.
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Relevant experience *
Please name your previous or current positions and/or experience that you feel is relevant to this program (e.g. group leadership, mentoring, intercultural experience, theological training, experience with liturgy, experience with counselling and pastoral care, human rights activism, etc.)
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Which language(s) is/are your native? *
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Which other languages do you speak fluently enough to carry on a conversation? *
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Do you have any advanced communication skills/experience that could be useful in the project?
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Do you have Skype access at a venue where you feel safe to discuss topics like sexual orientation and faith? *
Do you need a visa to travel to Eastern Europe/Russia? *
If so, are you under any restrictions that make it unlikely you get said visa?
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Does your group support your participation in the Mentoring Program? *
Specifically, is your group willing to host your Eastern Partner for her/his visit and welcome her/him at the group activities during the visit? (As part of your application you would need to send us at a letter of support from your group’s leadership body to this application.)
Please list some of potential activities for a visiting program participant from Eastern Europe *
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Since the launching meeting of the Mentoring Program follows immediately after the Eastern European Forum in Samara, we ask you to consider the possibility to propose and lead a session/workshop etc. during the Forum. Do you wish to do that? If so, please specify what that could be in the "other" reply option. *
Organisers of the Forum will contact you directly regarding your proposal
By applying to the Mentoring Program, I agree to the following conditions:
1. I understand that participation within this Program is subject to a selection based on accordance/compatibility of the participants on both sides and decision made by the project coordinators.
2. I agree to the time commitments set by the Program: participation in the Eastern European Forum in Samara and Mentoring meeting after it, monthly Skype meetings with my partner and twice a year Skype meetings with the project coordinators, attending the time my partner will be visiting my group.
3. I acknowledge that I am responsible for making arrangements for my Eastern European partner’s stay and program while visiting with my group.
4. I accept that only pre-agreed expenses are covered by the program funds.
5. I will treat any personal information I learn about others while participating in the program as confidential.
6. I understand that while the Program is based on mentoring on my side, a lot of it will also include learning for myself, and in the end, it should be a mutual process, based on respect.
7. I confirm my readiness to talk through the situations that may come up.
8. I acknowledge that my Program Partner might be coming from a difficult, hostile, and sometimes threatening environment, where she/he can be isolated, exposed to risk and sometimes in need. I will take security concerns seriously.
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