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ROUTECON 2023 is the First Annual Elite Training Program for NFL wide receivers. Register for three days of focused, high-intensity work where we will push our limits, fine-tune our techniques, and raise the bar for excellence. Routecon is also the launch of the newly formed non-profit, Get Open™ - Read Below.

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I am writing to extend a distinguished invitation to you to attend Route-Con, an extraordinary Training Program, exclusively designed for elite NFL wide receivers. It is an honor to invite you to this unparalleled event, which will bring together the most exceptional talents in the industry. We have carefully curated this short and intense training program to provide an unparalleled opportunity for the best of the best to come together, learn from each other, and elevate their game to new heights. This proprietary cutting-edge system will be offered to you free of charge. All we ask is for you to consider contributing to our affiliated charitable organization, Get Open™. 

We eagerly await your response and hope that you will honor us with your presence at this exclusive Elite Training Program. Let us come together, learn, and forge an unbreakable bond of excellence.

Get Open:

Get Open™ is a non-for-profit organization headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 501c3 pending status. The 501c3 application will be submitted to the IRS, with expected approval during the 4th quarter of 2023.
A note from our founder, Brandon White:
In a world filled with uncertainties, where the odds seem stacked against us, there are stories that remind us of the power of choice, the strength of the human spirit, and the impact we can have on others. This is not just the story of a non-profit organization, Get Open™, but also my story, that exemplifies defying the odds and discovering the transformative potential within yourself.

Mission and Purpose:
The mission of Get Open™ is to empower at-risk and under-served youth with the tools to succeed on and off the football field. Our unique approach will integrate elite athletic training programs with structured mind & body training programs designed by professionals. Get Open will make accessible the tools necessary to open your mind, your body, and your heart & soul.
There are millions of aspiring student-athletes suffering from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other mental-health and life obstacles. Most simply don’t have the guidance or access to “get open”. As the founder of Get Open™, Brandon White knows the dilemma from firsthand experience and has become impassioned to take action.

Our Method:
Get Open™ will offer immersive training camps, educational programming, and other resources to both at-risk and qualified student-athlete recipients that display the characteristics embodied by the founding principles of the organization.
We are seeking the funding necessary to annually produce four two-day all-intensive training programs with 100 participants per camp. Our camps location will vary geographically and will integrate personalized coaching, cutting-edge training techniques, and motivational industry leading speakers with wellness and recovery therapy, yoga / meditation, and mental-health educational programming.

  1. Stick System™ Training
  2. Yoga and Meditation for Coping
  3. Group Therapy and Support

By focusing on these three key elements, each camp will effectively channel Brandon’s story and essence of Get Open™. The Receiver Factory training showcases the transformative power of football, while yoga and meditation provide essential coping tools. The inclusion of group therapy and support creates a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and connection. Together, these elements reflect the passion and purpose behind Get Open™, paving the way for a transformative experience for these aspiring athletes.

Get Open™ is dedicated to helping our recipients achieve greatness on and off the field and will offer effective programming for helping student-athletes suffering from anxiety, depression, and other life-obstacles. Our leading personalities self-identify as the leaders of the new school. They understand the great responsibility that they have as a group of influencers, athletes, and icons to lead by example. They vividly see the true potential inherent in every student-athlete and strive to make accessible the same techniques and methods afforded to the pros. Get Open™ stands as a testament to the transformative power of choice, resilience, and compassion. Its story is one of redemption, born from the depths of tragedy and nurtured by the desire to bring change to forgotten lives. Brandon White’s journey, paralleling the artistry and strategic calculations of a wide receiver, reminds us that getting open in life means opening our hearts to possibilities, making choices that lead to empowerment, and embracing our role as catalysts for transformation. Together, we can be the bridge that connects young hearts to new horizons.

Yours sincerely,

Brandon White - Founder & Chair of Board, Get Open™

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