San Diego County Democratic Party Bylaws or Policies & Procedures Amendment Request
Complete the following form to request an amendment to the Bylaws or the Polices & Procedures.

You will be sent a copy of your request by email and the request will filed with the Director of Administration.

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Please provide citation of Article, Section, Paragraph or line numbers in the current Bylaws and/or Policies & Procedures. If it is an issue that is not currently addressed in the Bylaws or Policies, please indicate what Article or Section you feel should contain the new rule.
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You may provide suggested language or links to suggested language in the space below (e.g., google drive).
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You may provide support documentation or links in the space below (e.g., google drive).
If you have additional documents or suggested language that you would like to send as an attachment, please reply to the email you receive after submitting this form and attach them. They will be forwarded to the Director of Administration.
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